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Kudos Er. Kersi- An inspiration for the community!

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Created cute stickers for Android - Kersie the Wonder Cherry
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Kersy Koasta

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Kersy Koasta

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Pic of the Day @kersi_in_newengland st the Wayside Inn

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DINSHAW MEHTA replies to KERSI RANDERIA of Parsi Times

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Lekkere kersies

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Satsat Kersies

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LGBTQ with Dr Kersi Chavda | The VIP Experience

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A Chat With Kersi Sui, Sole Caretaker Of Uran’s Umrigar Agiary

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SSR: Timeline from Oct 2019 to June 2020
This is him in October 2019 living his dream of visiting CERN, Disney Land, etc. He is tweeting regularly and seems to be in good jolly mood. ⬇⬇⬇
In less than a month, Dr Parveen Dadachanji (expertise in children and adolescent psychiatry) prescribes anti psychotic, anti depressants for mental health disorder (guessing BPD).
November 2019 -
SSR apologizes to priyanka about the molestation episode and things are normal between siblings.
Drive movie releases on OTT platform
26 nov 2019 -
Shruti-Neetu chat where she asks for prescriptions and contact. Only Susan walker's contact is shared, but not Dr. Dadachanji's ( though prescription has her name and stamp and contact can be googled)
29 Nov 2019-
His dad messages RC and Shruti and msg is read( blue tick). He asks for flight ticket to visit SSR... No replies. No news of his visiting SSR then! ( check nilotpal's tweet above)
The capri heights house is allegedly hauntef as per RC so SSR is shifted to Waterstones resort and allegedly drugged using CBD oil. She was allegedly selling stuff from his home as per Miranda's statement to CBI.
Chats between jaya and RC are in public domain & RC mentions the 3 sisters visiting.
Dec 2019-
He along with Meetu were at the airport to pick up to Neetu and Priyanka. Will try to find insta post.
3 sisters visit him at waterstone resort and SSR is to fly to chandigarh with them but he cancels it.
Mentioned in this :
Dec -Jan 2020 -
kersi chavda consulted
Jan 2020-
Visits sisters in Chandigarh but returns to mumbai soon after RC 's repeated calls. Shweta says he sent SOS to neetu and he was drugged, isolated in mumbai.
Doesn't meet Shweta who flew in late... But she doesn't visit him in Mumbai either. So, this raises concerns about wrongful confinement.
Jan 2020-
Financial planning meeting with RC, shruti and Indrajeet. No one from his family. Priyanka used to look after his accounts but not consulted. He doesn't sound like himself too. Not present on SM either.
Feb, 2020-
BIL and Neetu were in Mumbai and met SSR at a cafe.
There was a anecdote stated by his former help ( can't remb name) that his neetu, meetu and he were waiting for him in his lobby but he didn't come down to meet them. Were told he is sleeping.
Feb 2020-
BIL complaints to Bandra police station. No action taken. Family is concerned about his safety and security and priyanka and other sisters too raise concerns about losing him.
Feb to June 2020-
Mentions about leaving mumbai and starting organic farming. No interest in making movies either. RC calls Chavda ( always) and he comes up with new diagnosis.
Lock down period too.
May - June 2020-
18 May Acc to shweta, he had become aware of RC antics and contacted his family. So, he was recovering well.
May 21 met Mahesh shetty and spoke about organic farming with him.
Seen on SM and catches up with friends like Kushal Zaveri( June 2, 2020 I guess).
Wished Mukesh Chhabra in May on his birthday.
Had plans to start exercising by june end.
Learning coding & Developing app for covid detection.
June 3, 2020-
RC calls Chavda who diagnosis SSR with existential crisis ( guessing over phone). SSR posts about his mother on SM.
June 8 ,2020 :
-the hard drive incident
-DS death.
-Chavda says he may take extreme step as he has stopped medications.
-RC leaves Mount Blanc
9 June, 2020-
Kushal zaveri msgs him about flipkart wanting to contact him. SSR gives dipesh's nos as person to contact. But, Dipesh doesnt contact kushal till 14 June.
8 to 12 June, 2020 -
Meetu stays with him, they do advance yoga, etc but disturbed after DS death.
Shweta shared her Wap covo with SSR where she invited him to the US and he replied 'bahut mann karta hai di'.
11 June 2020 calls BIL to take him away from mumbai
13 June, 2020-
Speaks to Uday (manager) about his next films with Nikhil Advani, Ramesh Taurani on conference call @ 2.15 pm.
June 14, 2020-
Allegedly called RC and Mahesh shetty around 1 am but they didnt pick up
Mahesh did call back in the morning, but didn't connect.
Meetu called and msgd SSR but no reply or call back on 13 & 14 June, 2020.
Meetu was going to spend 14 June with him.
Dipesh msgs Kushal zaveri about flipkart deal. This is when SSR is allegedly not opening the room door.
14 June, 2020- "MP calls it a suicide"
Tried to put some things together. Frankly looks like his family was kept in dark and cut off. His family was pally with Ankita, Kriti, etc but not one single pic with RC.
Point is he seems fine in Oct 2019 and by November 2019 he is on medication for severe mental disorder ( can't confirm which one with so many named!). With reference to posts here, BPD cannot be diagnosed in less than a month for sure.
The drug angle may actually put a lot of things in perspective.
Edit: Thank you so much u/jimfromthehospital_ , u/peecee99, u/citygirl03_ for your inputs. I have added them in the timeline.
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June 3 - SSR

In the interview RC said, SSR had a depression episode on 3rd June and he wasn’t keeping well. Doctors statement says he had an existential crisis on that day and I realised SSR posted on IG. That was his last post on IG and even this post was made some time back on his Twitter handle. In all the previous episodes when he wasn’t keeping well he had stopped posting on SM so clearly things don’t add up
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Tottenham Players/Coaches Official Social Media Accounts - 2020

First Team

Player Twitter Instagram
Tottenham Hotspur @spursofficial spursofficial
Jose Mourinho N/A josemourinho
Ledley King @LedleyKing N/A
Paulo Gazzaniga @GazzanigaPaulo gazzanigapaulo
Joe Hart N/A joehartofficial
Toby Alderweireld @AlderweireldTob tobyalderweireld
Ben Davies @Ben_Davies33 bendavies33
Serge Aurier @Serge_aurier sergeaurier
Matt Doherty @mattdoherty20 mattdoherty20
Joe Rodon N/A joe_rodon
Davinson Sanchez @daosanchez26 daosanchez13
Sergio Reguilón @sergion_regui sergioregui
Harry Winks @HarryWinks harrywinks
Eric Dier @ericdier ericdier15
Moussa Sissoko @MoussaSissoko moussasissokoofficiel
Tanguy Ndombele @TanguyNdombele ndombele_22
Pierre-Emile Højbjerg @Hojbjerg23 hojbjerg23
Gedson Fernandes @gedson_30 gedson_83
Erik Lamela @ErikLamela eriklamela
Dele Alli @dele_official dele
Giovani Lo Celso @LoCelsoGiovani locelsogiovani
Lucas Moura @LucasMoura7 lucasmoura7
Steven Bergwijn @StevenBergwijn stevenbergwijn
Gareth Bale @GarethBale11 garethbale11
Heung-Min Son N/A hm_son7
Carlos Vinicius N/A carlosvinicius95
Harry Kane @HKane harrykane
Player Twitter Instagram
Alfie Whiteman @alfie_whiteman alfie_whiteman
Japhet Tanganga @JTanganga99 j.tang99
Jack Clarke @JackClarke09 jrclarke_
Kaziah Sterling @ksterling_98 kaziahsterling98
Anthony Georgiou @_Ant_georgiou anthonygeorgiou11
Dennis Cirkin @DCirkin3 denniscirkin3
Malachi Fagan-Walcott @MalachiWalcott5 malachiwalcottt
Harvey White N/A harveywhite53
Jamie Bowden @jamiebowden17 jamiebowden17
Brandon Austin @baustin__ baustin_
Player Twitter Instagram
Ryan Sessegnon @RyanSessegnon ryansess
Juan Foyth @juanmfoyth juanfoyth
Troy Parrott @troyparrott9 troyparrott9
TJ Eyoma @TimothyEyoma timothyeyoma
Cameron Carter-Vickers @cameroncv2 cameroncv1
Oliver Skipp @oliver_skipp oliver.skipp
Jack Roles @JackRoles_ jackroles_

Spurs Women

Player Twitter Instagram
Spurs Women @SpursWomen spurswomen
Karen Hills @hillsyk5 karenhills5
Juan Carlos Amoros @JuanC_Amoros juan_carlos_amoros
Aurora Mikalsen @96Mikalsen auroramiikalsen
Becky Spencer @beckyspencer2 N/A
Sophie Whitehouse @so_whitehouse so_whitehouse
Ashleigh Neville @AshNev10 ashnev29
Hannah Godfrey @hann_godfrey hangodfrey
Ria Percival N/A riapercy_2
Siri Worm @Siriworm siriworm
Lucia Leon @luciamarte90 lucia.leon2
Kerys Harrop @KersyHarrop kerys.harrop
Alanna Kennedy @AlannaKennedy alannakennedy
Shelina Zadorsky @Shelina4 shelinaz
Josie Green @JosieGreen_ josiexgreen
Anna Filbey @Anna_Filbey99 annafilbey
Chloe Peplow @chloe_pep chloepeplow
Alex Morgan @alexmorgan13 alexmorgan13
Rianna Dean @RiannaDean1 riannadean98
Gemma Davison N/A gemdavison_
Rachel Williams @rach_williams8 rach_williams8
Angela Addison @Angelaaddison_ angelaaddison_
Kit Graham @KitGraham kitgraham_
Jessica Naz @jessica_naz jessicanaz17
Lucy Quinn @LucyQuinn7 lucyjquinn
Rosella Ayane @rosella_ayane rosella_ayane
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Posting everyday until someone gets a crush on me Day 56 (Season 3)

So I spent most of today working on the song, and honestly I think the back track is done, I might tweak it abit once I add lyrics so its a lottle fancier, but overall its done
And onw of my friends offered to make a cover for me, so that'll be epic, I wont get too mich into what itll look like cause nothing is final yet for the art, and I dont wanna give too much away for my friends that are looking at this, you have to wait just like everyone else! (Except you Kersie, you get to hear it)
And it is a rap cause its what everyone wanted me to do as a joke, but Im really struggling with lyrics though, I cant figure out the first line, Im not sure if I wanna go funny haha rap or if I wanna do serious or something inbetween, maybe I'll rip the first line from a different song and use it in a completely different way (its not plagirism, its using the line as inspiration) and i can always replace that line later
Also, muffin has been online much this week and I'm worried about her and miss her, maybe I should call her? I probably will this weekend just to check on her and talk abit but I also wanna stream this weekend, but I'm not sure what to stream, Ill figure it out
Oh shit, I just remembered the duck I need to make, Ill work on it tommorow, I have to do thid other school project first but thats almost done, just gotta cut and glue!
Anyways, Ive rambled long enough
Goodnight/morning and remember! [Insert slogan here]
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“Go Green Now – There’s No Plan(et) B”, Says BPP Trustee Kersi Randeria

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Sushant death: Aditya Chopra gives statement

Filmmaker Aditya Chopra today recorded his statement in connection with the investigations into actor Sushant Singh Rajput's death last month.
Chopra's statement was recorded by the Bandra police at the Versova police station. The producer-director was at the police station for over four hours, police said.
Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead at his apartment in Mumbai on June 14. The 34-year-old actor died by suicide, police say.
The police are investigating allegations that professional rivalry, apart from clinical depression, drove him to suicide.
Statements of over 34 people, including family, friends, co-stars and close aides have been taken in the investigations ordered by the Maharashtra government into the actor's shock death. The police are investigating allegations that professional rivalry, apart from clinical depression, drove him to suicide.
On Friday, the Mumbai Police recorded statement of the actor's psychiatrist, Dr Kersi Chavda, to know about the actor's medical history, his recent mental state before his death and about the changed dosages of medicines. Apart from Dr Chavda, statements of three other doctors have also been recorded by the Bandra police.
Actor Rhea Chakraborty -- a close friend of Sushant Singh Rajput -- had on Thursday requested Home Minister Amit Shah to order the CBI to investigate the case. Tagging Shah in a post on Instagram, Rhea Chakraborty said that she "only wanted to understand what prompted him to take the step".
Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh, however, has ruled out his government is considering to request for a CBI probe in the case. "There was no need to give the case to the CBI. Our police officials are capable and doing the inquiry in right way. We are also examining the angle of business rivalry," Deshmukh said.
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Bhatt Family's Involvement in SSR's death

We are listing our theories on Bhatt family's involvement in SSR's death. Few minutes into his death Mahesh bhatt gave a media statement that he saw it coming, that his one or two meetings with Sushant made him believe something was off with him, that he wasn't on the same plain and he was going to end the Praveen Babi. these are outrighly voracious statements for anyone not a docto therapist to make let alone coming from Bhatt. Rest of his family is slowing saying more crap and routing towards depression, so you know there is filth they are hiding
Whatever more reasons, theories, involvements, statements, comments, pictures, videos, etc you find on/ coming from the Bhatts - please share in this thread only. Also should I make a separate one for each of their family member or one thread is ok?
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Founder’s Note By Kersi Randeria

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@abcnews: Deadly knife attack in Finland investigated as possible terrorism (Pic: Kersi Kanerva)

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Chasing Good Weather 4Mason&Kersie - YouTube Kersie Privett - YouTube Kersie Bank - YouTube

ABOUT KENSIE. Known for its contemporary femininity and softness, kensie was founded out of Vancouver in 1994 and is globally recognized for making international styling and quality accessible for today’s every girl. kensie is a modern and feminine brand which offers a diverse mix of trends. Maar toe Bob vir hulle kersie - en berkeblare gegee het, het hulle dit dadelik begin eet. jw2019. Hierdie bloeisels word uiteindelik koffiebessies, of kersies, soos die koffieboere en verwerkers dit noem. jw2019. Omdat die bone omhul word deur ’n dun vlies wat perkament genoem word, moet die kersies verwerk word om die vlees en die perkament (2) te verwyder. nalibali. Jamela wat kersies op ... kersie (plural kersies, diminutive kersietjie) cherry; Usage notes . Since kersie is already an original diminutive, the form kersietjie is rare. Etymology 2 Noun . kersie (plural kersies) Diminutive of kers (“ candle ”) ll Skersies gesucht? Richtige Adressen und Telefonnummern finden! 15 Einträge zu Skersies mit aktuellen Kontaktdaten, Öffnungszeiten und Bewertungen ☎ Das Telefonbuch - Ihre Nr. 1 für Adressen und Telefonnummern Mrs. Kersie Bloggen auf Datenschutz & Cookies: Diese Website verwendet Cookies. Wenn du die Website weiterhin nutzt, stimmst du der Verwendung von Cookies zu. Weitere Informationen, beispielsweise zur Kontrolle von Cookies, findest du hier: Cookie-Richtlinie ...

[index] [3828] [3637] [3689] [4650] [4168] [2210] [6713] [3138] [6676] [7498]

Chasing Good Weather 4Mason&Kersie - YouTube

Nuwe episodes van Kersie op die koek wys Donderdae om 18:30 op VIA (DStv-kanaal 147). Half a day walk about Huis Ten Bosch (ハウステンボス, Hausu Ten Bosu), a theme park in Nagasaki Prefecture which recreates a Dutch town. This video is for Mason & Kersie. ️🌮 Kersie Briones; Videos; Playlists; Channels; Discussion; About; Home Trending History Get YouTube Premium Get YouTube TV Best of YouTube Music Sports ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.